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Project Description
The Thingtory Framework allows to collect data (e.g. inventory) from all kind of "things" (can be a Computer, a Phone or your Fridge ) and stores the data in the cloud for reporting purpose.

The demo runs in Azure, but you can host it also On-Premises. It requires an IIS and an SQL instance. To upload and Access you data, you need an Access-Key which can be requested here: Thingtory

There are examples for the following device types, but you are free to implement your own type:

Windows Agent


  • Open schema to define the collected data. Example supports WMI Classes and Powershell Scripts
  • Compression and delta replication to reduce network traffic
  • Customizable, it's 100% Powershell, just run *:
(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile("", "$($env:Temp)\ThingtoryWinAgent.ps1" );&"$($env:Temp)\ThingtoryWinAgent.ps1" -AccessKey "DEMO"

or take the full script: WindowsClientPS

*)Note: Check out your %Temp% for the used InventorySchema.xml. InventoryNew.xml contains the last Inventory data. The PS Command is using the Access-Key 'DEMO' which prevents storing data in the cloud. Request your own free Access-Key here: Thingtory 


  • Internet Connection (as long as you are not using an On-Premises Web-Service and Database).
  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Management Framework 3

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