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How to start

  • Request an Access-Key for the DEMO Environment: Thingtory
  • Replace the 'DEMO' with your KEY in the following Powershell and start it with Admin rights on a Windows Machine:
(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile("", "$($env:Temp)\ThingtoryWinAgent.ps1" );&"$($env:Temp)\ThingtoryWinAgent.ps1" -AccessKey "DEMO"

Inventory XML structure

Inventory data must just be XML formated, but if you want to use reporting, the uploaded XML should have the following format:
<Objects Status="Full|Delta">
  <Object Type="Objecttype" GroupID="Inv Group Identifier" Instance="Instance Identifier">
    <Property Name="Name of the Property" Type="Property Type" Action="Add|Update|Remove">value</Property>

You can have multiple Object Nodes and each of them can have multiple Property Nodes.

Example of a SoftwareUpdate with data:
<Objects Status="Delta">
  <Object Type="System.Management.Automation.PSCustomObject" GroupID="f655af64-5293-417a-a3c8-926264e54c36" Instance="4d8287bc-cdad-4e89-b370-cfe48fc5afb9">
    <Property Name="IsInstalled" Type="System.Boolean" Action="Add">True</Property>
    <Property Name="KB" Type="System.String" Action="Add">2922229</Property>
    <Property Name="Bulletin" Type="System.String" Action="Add">MS14-019</Property>
    <Property Name="Title" Type="System.String" Action="Add">Security Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB2922229)</Property>
    <Property Name="UpdateID" Type="System.String" Action="Add">4d8287bc-cdad-4e89-b370-cfe48fc5afb9</Property>
    <Property Name="Revision" Type="System.Int32" Action="Add">203</Property>
    <Property Name="LastChange" Type="System.DateTime" Action="Add">08.04.2014 00:00:00</Property>

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